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Now, do not forget the most needed items while going outside with this multipurpose Cosmetics and Toiletry Organizer. All of us need a one compact handy bag to put the major items, in a sorting manner, and carry it everywhere. The solution is this cute organizer bag, which is ideal for holding cosmetics, cell phones, toiletries, and cards in an organized way. It is 6.7 inch long, 3.9 inch wide, and 11.5 inch tall.It is available in multiple colors.

There are various pockets and slots. Two zipper compartments are also provided at both sides. If more space is required, the main pocket is expandable by the side buttons. It can be stored by folding up easily. The two handles at the top for holding it, makes it more handy. It is manufactured from nylon. It makes traveling with cosmetics more convenient.

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Product Highlights

- Suitable for holding cosmetics, cell phone, toiletries, and cards in an organized way
- Multiple pockets and slots, expandable main pocket by side button
- Two zipper compartments
- Makes traveling with cosmetics more convenient
- Fits most travel and handbags
- Can be folded up for easy storage
- Made of nylon
- Dimensions: 6.7”x3.9”x11.25”


- wine
- Blue
- Grey

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Cosmetics and Toiletry Organizer at Groupon Cosmetics and Toiletry Organizer at Groupon Cosmetics and Toiletry Organizer at Groupon Cosmetics and Toiletry Organizer at Groupon Cosmetics and Toiletry Organizer at Groupon

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