Babyliss Pro Ceramix Hairdryer 2,000-Watt

Babyliss Pro Ceramix Hairdryer 2,000-Watt at Groupon

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Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body and a great personality. This is the reason that everyone loves splurging on great hair products to maintain good hair health. Babyliss Pro Ceramix Hairdryer 2,000-Watt has been known for its amazing hair styling tools and this dryer is one of its top-selling products. Use it on wet hair for a blow dry or to create any hairstyle. As a precaution, use heat protectant serum before blow drying, for smooth, shiny and damage-free hair.

The hair dryer operates on the 2000-watt power with a narrow nozzle that provides concentrated high air pressure and causes minimal frizz and split ends. It offers six heat and speed settings to select according to your need. The toggle switch slides and the dryer carries an AC motor that has a long life. With a 9-inch power cord, the Babyliss Pro Ceramic 2000-Watt Hair Dryer is a good quality item that is a one-time investment.

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- Model number: BABP2000
- 2,000 watts
- 6 speed and heat setting combinations
- Sliding toggle switches
- Long-life AC motor
- Removable rear filter
- 9’ power cord

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Babyliss Pro Ceramix Hairdryer 2,000-Watt at Groupon